Clippers Improving

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Clippers Improving

I think the Clippers need to get rid of "Lob City", to win a championship...If I'm the Clippers, I would perform a sign and trade with the Hawks, and send Blake Griffind & DeAndre Jordan to the Atlanta, for Josh Smith & Al Hortford...Then the Clippers should trade Eric Bledsoe & Caron Butler, to the Magic for Arron Afflalo...The additions of Josh Smith, Hortford, and Afflalo would give "LA's Other Team" more toughness, inside play, and defensive prowess to win a NBA championship

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Don you might be the poster

Don you might be the poster boy for "why people with negative feedback shouldnt be allowed to create threads!"

Even David Kahn is laughing at you!

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Honestly I'd still encourage

Honestly I'd still encourage anyone to express their opinion/idea, though it may be ludicrous, I think some people just don't understand the full impact of what something like this means, and how its unrealistic and unhelpful to the teams. I'm not sure real feedback to a suggestion would necessarily help someone understand the impact of trades on teams/ help someone better understand what makes a good trade but as long as someone's not trolling and doesn't mind negatives and negative feedback I do think they should express their opinion freely and hopefully better understand why it's not realistic.

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I tend to agree with you, but after a certain number of posts, it becomes obvious that some people know nothing or are trying to stir shit up.

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Has to be the dumbest trade

Has to be the dumbest trade idea of all-time! Hawks can't win in the weak east with Josh and Al how is the clippers suppose to win in the west with them. You should be on "post probation"

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Everybody should be able to express their opinions!
Even if your opinion sucks.

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Okay? but the Clips need to do something! there current roster isn't going to cut it. That trade with the Hawks will never work, but again the Clips need to make some moves.

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No team that's serious about

No team that's serious about winning anything should trade for Josh Smith. Horford maybe, but not Josh Smith.
Clips need a new coach and need to get rid of DeAndre Jordan. He was a mistake re-signing, especially for that amount of money. Packaging Bledsoe with Jordan could be enough for a team to take on Jordan's contract. I remember KG to the Clips was the rumor during the season.

How's this for a trade scenario:

Clips trade Bledsoe, Jordan and a pick to the C's for KG
C's flip Bledsoe to the Magic for one of Harkless or Tobias Harris

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Please do not ever post

Please do not ever post again!!!!! Everyone is entitled to an opinion but at least use a tad bit of sense, geez!

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Bledsoe and Butler for

Bledsoe and Butler for Afflalo?!?!?

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Lol, I just love the concept

Lol, I just love the concept of getting rid of Lob City, so you go out and get Josh Smith...

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There's been some rumors

There's been some rumors surrounding a Jordan/Bledsoe for Eric Gordon/Lopez swap with NO.

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