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I was thinking, if the Clippers hadn't traded their pick (that become the #1 pick) back in the 2011 draft to ship off Baron Davis and his terrible contract (which in hindsight was dumb because with the new deal it would have allowed the Clippers to amnesty Davis), they would have Kyrie Irving. So this is a two-question post.

1. Had the Clippers kept the pick, and drafted Kyrie, would they still have traded for Paul? Because while Kyrie is great, they still wouldn't have seen him play in the NBA yet, and if they did do you think the deal would have been Irving, Aminu, Kamen for Paul? thus the Clippers keeping Gordon, and having an all-star talented player to add to Paul and Griffin.

2. Would you rather have the team the Clippers have now or have a potential team of Irving, Griffin, Gordon, Aminu, and Jordan?

I would rather take all those young guys than this team, because Paul could still leave and I don't see the Clippers as Championship material right now. That's me though.

Anyways in in hindsight, the Clippers F'd up because they could have at least had another big asset in Irving to keep or to trade to make their team better

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Call me a conspiracy theorist

Call me a conspiracy theorist but if the Clippers kept that pick I don't think they win the lottery, that had about 8th or 9th best chance of winning the lottery. Cavs had just lost Lebron and winning the lottery with the lower percentage chance gave them 2 picks in the top 4, also Clippers got Blake 2 years previously, very rarely do teams win the lottery multiple times in a short period, only the Magic have I think with Shaq and C-Webb.

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If we would have kept

If we would have kept Baron(stats showed we were better with Baron compared to Mo) and the pick we probably would have finished around 10-12 pick range wise (instead of 8th)and most definately would have not won the lottery.

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Using hindsight dude, there's

Using hindsight dude, there's no guarantee that the clips will still get the first pick; Gordon is injury prone and Aminu looks like a 7th-8th man on a playoff team. Definitely not better than CP3, who has the clips in title contention and has made "the other" LA team relevant and an attractive place for free agents(Billups,Crawford,Hill,etc.).

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I think they would have still

I think they would have still went ahead and traded for Paul and then probably went after Dwight as well. Irving and $$ filler for Dwight? Would could possibly turn that down? Definitely would have given them the assets to get both done.

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