Cliff Alexander

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Cliff Alexander

I am going to take a wild guess here. Am I remembering correctly that Cliff Alexander's HS had to basically forfeit last year over academics? If that is correct, I would guess he finally got mired in that.

This is almost inevitably force the kid's hand with respect to the draft. I don't se his game translating and a lack of development will only make the gaps worse. Any period of ineligibility is really bad news for the guy.

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He looks like a Trevor Booker

He looks like a Trevor Booker type of player to me at the next level, I expected more out of him seeing the hype and his high school ranking he got in his class.

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I'm not a fan

Let me preface this by saying that I live in the Chicago area and am not a fan of Cliff Alexander at all. I'm a U. of Illinois fan and his shenanigans with the Kansas and Illinois hats on his signing day simply pissed me off. I knew I would dislike him for the rest of his career. Based on what we have seen in high school and in college, we know this is NOT a high character guy.

I think he will have to enter the draft this year and that's a shame for his career. He will be drafted later than he had hoped, due to a mediocre season. He also could have used another college season or 2 to mature and round his game. That's too bad for him, but I can't say that I feel bad!!

He has good potential, but I don't think he will ever meet the maximum. Just one of a long list of players that bad character issues plague.

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He definitely could have used

He definitely could have used another year. I see him as a Jason Maxielly type of player in the NBA.

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If I were him I would

If I were him I would transfer.

His stock can't get any lower.

1st round or bust, and I don't think he is projected to go in the first round.

He needs to see if he can get to Kentucky. That is a big man friendly program and many of those bigs will probably be leaving.

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He sounds like the perfect fit for Philly in the 2nd round lol

Seriously, if he comes out I expect him to slide to the 2nd round

A team like the 76ers could pick him up in the early 2nd round and try him out for a few years, if he doesn't pan out he only cost a non guaranteed contract...

Funny how a few months in a calendar year can change the perception of a prospect...

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