Clevelands first mistake will be? trading Andrew Wiggins

Right now, now that Lebron is going back to the Cleveland, many people think the Cavs just need to trade Wiggins to get another star player. I think the Cavs need to keep Wiggins b/c he's gonna be at least a solid player and his upside would profit them greatly, also he won't cost them as much as a veteran max player........

Im not saying don't go after Love and others b/c I hope for Lebron's sake they do; all Im saying is just keep Wiggins on the Cavs roster b/c I know they can bring in another star without trading Wiggins. True they may not be able to get Love but hey, Love can choose not to sign with any other team if he was to be traded now or later on and just wait to be a after this season coming.

You have got to say Lebron, Wiggins, Love, Erving is > Lebron, Love, Erving

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