Cleveland Cavs

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Cleveland Cavs

Ok, I am no Cleveland Cavs fan but when I saw the Rising Challenge participant list I could help but notice they had 4 players in this event.

Kyrie Irving- PG
Dion Waiters- SG
Tristan Thompson- PF
Tyree Seller- C

I know this isnt a line-up to write home about but its a young core to be excited about if you're a Cav's fan... Or am I thinking too much into the Rising Stars Challenge?

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It is a very big deal

You are right it is a very big deal. They are only the second team in NBA history to have 4 players participate in the game at the same time.
Irving is already a superstar but is 20 and will continue to get better.
Tristan Thompson works very hard and has turned into a legitimate post threat.
Zeller is playing like a rookie but he will be a solid starting center in the NBA.
As for Waiters, you haven't seen anything yet. He can get to the basket at will and his jumper will just keep getting better and better.

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Your a bit high on zeller,

Your a bit high on zeller, and too early on waiters. Best case scenario for waiters is a fringe all star and zeller is possibly a starter in a few years but below average.

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