Cleveland Browns Rant

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Cleveland Browns Rant

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Sucks when your team is bad

That was jokes. Have to stick by your team, but sometimes you just have to let out how you really feel. Since the team came back in 1999, they have made the play-offs once and have had a winning record twice. That is pretty consistent lameness. If you want to talk NFL Draft, their first 3 first round picks were Tim Couch (QB, 1st pick in 1999 Draft), Courtney Brown (DE, 1st pick in 2000 Draft) and Gerard Warren (DT, 3rd pick in the 2001 Draft). They were all pretty huge busts, and most of their players have seemed to have more success on other teams. They have pretty much needed a QB forever and just seem to be a consistently boring offense. Must be a tough team to cheer for on some days.

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This decade-plus-long joke of a team in a crap city (no offense, but c'mon) is the one that should be moved to Los Angeles.

And then change their name.

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To be fair Tim Couch was okay

To be fair Tim Couch was okay the line was terrible but otherwise yes they have failed in the draft with the exception of a couple picks but you have to be lucky in the draft and they haven't picked their franchise changer yet

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All Browns fans have to lean

All Browns fans have to lean on now is Trent Richardson it seems. They'd better hope and pray he doesn't leave lol

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They are the Browns cause

They are the Browns cause they play like s*it >:) haha

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