Cleanthony Early

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Cleanthony Early

Does anyone else think he's a legit first round prospect in 2014?

Bob Ball
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He's good

I mentioned him in a Earlier Post about players I enjoy to watch. He's a scorer and could be a good role player at the next level.

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I think he is, he has a lot

I think he is, he has a lot of skill thats for sure, and he is a balanced player.

I bet next year with him VanVleet and Butler all back they'll be pretty good.

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^I assume you're talking

^I assume you're talking about Baker when you said Butler

I think he's definitely got some NBA tools. He could definitely be a mid-late 1st/early 2nd round pick next year. Wichita will definitely be his team next year and if they make the tournament again and win a game or 2, I think he'll be drafted mid 1st

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