CJ McCollum vs Tony Mitchell, next week

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CJ McCollum vs Tony Mitchell, next week

Top of the crop in mid majors, CJ and Tony go head to head next week in a Lehigh vs North Texas game. NBA teams are raving about this matchup. 45 scouts are already scheduled to attend.... 26 different teams.

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It'd be better if they were

It'd be better if they were matching up against each other, but I'll be tuning in to see this game. McCollum is a dynamic scorer and a very smart player and Mitchell has great physical tools.

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Saw Mitchell play in person vs. Creighton, a team with an above-average big man in Gregory Echenique. Mitchell is imposing physically but didn't impose his will on a rather weak defensive Creighton team. Moreoever, he doesn't make his teammates better, although I grant he does not have any talented teammates. He was very complacent to settle for long shots. Even though his profile states he has some shooting ability, he sure didn't show it off in this game. Mitchell and McDermott guarded each other for much of the game. Doug is alot of things but a defensive wiz is not one of those things. Doug won decisively (21 and 11 vs 18 and 7), and his team won even more decisively, 71-51. I don't see Mitchell as a lotto pick.

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Looking forward to this game.

Looking forward to this game. Wasn't Tony Mitchell originally ranked high on this site before the season started ? 5th or 6th. Even now he is ranked 9th.

Ive only seen bits and pieces of Mitchell but I am not too sure he will be a top 10 player when it is all said and done...

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I saw mitchell once, and that

I saw mitchell once, and that was last year. But what Ive heard is that the north texas team is really its going to be hard to evaluate him until the individual workouts start. He IS freakishly long and I do know basketball people who rave about his potential. Nobody thinks he's a head case, but everyone seems to think he is VERY I dont know where that leaves him. I was impressed just because he has truly elite physical gifts.

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