CJ McCollum....

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CJ McCollum....

A cross between Brandon Roy and Jamal Craford?

Smoothness with several crossover moves that gets him open to light-U-up!!!

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one of the best prospects in

one of the best prospects in the draft. i was blown away by his play today.

"Brandon Roy and Jamal Craford?": CJ's a PG. another player brought the ball down the floor to keep mccollum fresh... his handles are excellent.

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He reminds me of a mix

He reminds me of a mix between Damian Lillard and Russel Westbrook. He a crazy arm length like Rondo too.

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I've seen so many

I've seen so many comparisions for him from Damion Lilliard ,Mike Conley to George Hill...Earlier this summer,i saw on a blog someone compared him to Deron Williams....I watched both McCollum & D Williams highlights on youtube and did notice alot of the similar moves.....

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He is a really good player,

He is a really good player, very polished and advanced he should be the PG taken. He would be a perfect fit forone of those teams who are bad but have a lot of the pieces just not getting it down yet Utah would be a gtreat fit for him and his style. I could also see teams like Orlando and New Orleans really liking him and maybe even fiting in well with Greg Monroe and Drummond in Detroit.

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