Christian Watford

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Christian Watford

This dude is interesting. Us IU fans have given him the name "Mr. Consistent". He's averaging 13.3 ppg, and 7 rebounds in the Big Ten. He has an NBA body at 6'9", but needs to get stronger. He's a reliable scorer, and is a threat from deep(shooting 49%). Any chance a team grabs him in the late second round? I could see the Pacers, Heat, Spurs , and other playoff teams falling in love with him. I think he'd be a great role player of the bench to come in and score some quick points.

Anyone agree? Or am I just being a homer?

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I agree, ive always been a

I agree, ive always been a fan of Watford and think he could be a solid player at the next level. Love his size, he looks like an nba player.

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Thats my guy!!

Yeah Christian is a baller... We hooped last summer when he came home. I've known him for a longtime. He fell under the radar when Cody Zeller came to IU but he's always been a main contributor. I think he'll definitely get drafted in the 2nd round. .Sneaky athletic, but his game his shooting and rebounding. he can create one on one and is a knockdown shooter at 6'9 with a crazy wingspan. His strength has always been in question, but thats because he's a stretch 4. He's never been a back to the basket player. He actually played only on the Wing in high school.

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Would be a great 2nd round pick

Happy to see someone make a post about this guy. Just from watching IU play u can tell he just has a good feel for being a role player which I think is actually kind of rare for kids playing college. He know what he can do well and sticks to that. Kinda reminds me of Danny Green when he was at NC. They have different games but they both kinda get lost cuz they play on a roster with other more high profile players but u can look at them and can tell that they would be great role players and have a good understanding about their role on their teams. Too bad only the good teams are smart enough to pick these guys up lol rather then just jumping on potential like a lot of the bad teams seem to do lol

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I've always thought

he'd get a look in the second round. He's a more athletic Steve Novak or Matt Bonner to me. I see him playing more 3 in the NBA, as opposed to those guys, who are stretch 4s.

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Watford is nowhere near the

Watford is nowhere near the shooter that Novak or Bonner are but he brings more to the table than just a jumpshot like those guys. He should certainly get a look in the 2nd round. It seems like he has been in college forever...I remember thinking he would be really good when he was a freshmen.

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