Chris Bosh/ Detorit

Why does everyone want Detorit to trade Rip and Tay For Chris Bosh.

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Because the Pistons clearly need to rebuild and Bosh is a stud to build around whereas Rip and Tayshaun are more "glue guy" type of players. Rasheed Wallace is basically done as well.

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thats a stupid trade . . the

thats a stupid trade . .
the pistons have no perimeter play other than stuckey && the raptors
have only one big in bargnani who's really just a poor man's dirk

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Stuckey can't shoot threes. He can't pull up like Billups and rain them down like he could. So really Detroit has no perimeter guy if Rip, Tay and Sheed leave.

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yea i agree

Pistons would need replacement for them if they make that move also...DET would want there 1st rounder

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I think

that would be a good trade for the Pistons. Hamilton is about to be on the downside of his career and Tayshaun was always overrated. Neither one of them were able to step up their games this past season when Billups left and Rasheed called it a carrer. Stuckey and Afflalo in the backcourt with Bosh down low would be a heck of a start towards rebuilding. I'm not sold on Bosh as a superstar, but he can be a huge piece towards contending if you surround him with enough talent.

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I like this trade for both

I like this trade for both teams. Chris Bosh is on his way out with Toronto being so terrible and not really getting much attention. Barginani could move to the 4 and they could have a starting line up of Caulderon, Rip, Tay, Barginani. They would need to grab or trade for a big to complete the starting 5 but they have nice pic and maybe can trade up and grab Thabeet. Detroit would have Stuckney, their draft pick that could be a shooting guard or small forward Chris Bosh and whoever they pick up with all that money they saved. They may still have some money to sign another start with their pieces they have.

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