Chris Babb

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Chris Babb

I was looking at some photos from some of Portland's pre draft workouts and I saw Chris Babb there. Now, I don't think Chris Babb is going to be drafted, but I think he's an interesting talent. He's a very well built and very strong 6'5'' and he's got a nice outside stroke to go with his tough defensive nature and ability to guard the perimeter.

I expect Babb to be in the D-League next year, but that being said, there are guys every year that don't really produce at an elite or even double digit rate in college that end up in the NBA because they fill a need. I think Babb has the potential to do that down the line. I think his size and physcial defensive nature paired with the outside tuteliage Fred Hoiberg gives all his players could be that perfect combination for Babb being called up to the bigs next year. He was already playing a 3 and D role for ISU (5.2 of his 7.2 shot attemtps were 3's ) and he would willingly meld right into an NBA bench. I don't think he's a star, but he's a name to keep an eye out for if you haven't heard of him.

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anyone that can shoot 3s and play defense is on the nba's radar. especially, after danny green's performance this finals.

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I hope

I hope he does get drafted, I know he was very impressive at MN's pre draft workout and it seems others aswell. He sounds able, and his inteviewing skills are impressive too. I hope to see a team snag him in the second, he could end up being a good role player.

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