Chinemelu Elonu

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Chinemelu Elonu

Averages 9.8ppg 7.3rpg and 1.6bpg in just 23 minutes per game!

I think the Lakers might have a steal here...that is quite a bit in 23 minutes.

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Trust Me

I've watched him alot over the last year (I love Big 12 basketball). He has no offensive talent at all,but he has the physical tools to develop into a rebounder and defender. He reminds me of Mbenga who the Lakers have now. Considering how Mbenga is one of the worst players in the Nba I wouldnt expect much from him.

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No offense, but it's a

No offense, but it's a miracle that Elonu even got picked. He's tall and long, but VERY slow and not competitive in the NBA. He'll be lucky to make the Lakers' roster.

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