Chicago bulls --> whose next

Do you think Wade and Bosh would be a better fit that Lebron with any of em? I really like the way he play and what he did in cleveland, but i asked myself recently that Wade belong to the bulls and that he would someday be back in chicago, if it's for the 2010-2011 season, i agree, now I'd better have someone like Bosh, to help out Noah under the basket, and wade stabilizing the backcourt...

what do you think?

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i think bosh and lebron are a

i think bosh and lebron are a better fit because wade and lebron have the same typ of playing style. they both are not very good shooters.

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Bosh should be the number 1 option him next to noah would be great but if not bosh a lot of people are forgetting about DAVID LEE!!! They just need some help in #pt shooting......

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Wade and David Lee = Championship Run

Bosh maybe costs too much and Wade and Rose sounds like the best Guard Combo in the NBA...Lee and Noah cleaning up the glass...They need some wings on the bench and a backup pg or C....

Rose,Wade, Deng, Lee and Noah...A few bench guys from #1 in the East....

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On average, teams are paying

On average, teams are paying $67.1 million, which is about $9.1 million over the salary cap of $58 million but $3.2 million below the luxury tax threshold at $70.3 million.

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