chicago bulls Vs mirotic

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chicago bulls Vs mirotic

the chicago bulls are desperately trying to get mirotic this summer and a team retinue came to madrid last week to meet with him. mirotic has a 2.5 mill buyout and the bulls can only pay 500.000$, but he will be FA this summer and the bulls are more than willing to give him more money so he can pay the rest.

the bulls need to rebuild the team especially after rose's injury and the uncertainty of his full recovery and mirotic is their biggest asset.

at 22, he is already the best player in europe playing for the best team. they have a 21-0 record(league&euroleague) and they are starting to draw comparisons with other historic teams.

mirotic is avg. 15ppg&5.5rb in less than 24mpg (euroleague)...with this percentages: 62.8% 2FG/ 64% 3FG/ 86.8% FT. and he is the most efficient player in both, the spanish league and euroleague.

mirotic is 6'10 PF (without shoes) and for those who are not very familiar with his game, he plays a lot like dirk nowitzki. that doesn't mean he'll be as good as dirk. dirk has been a top 10 nba player for more than a decade, he is the 15th on the all time scoring list, has been mvp and has won a championship...but i think mirotic is good enough to avg. 18ppg&8rb for many years and to be 1-2 times all star.

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Is getting amnestied this summer. Not sure what the do with Taj, but he is a good (but high priced) option if Mirotic does not pan out, or develops slower than anticipated.

Still waiting for them to address the lack of a SG as well.

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Chicago should consider all

Chicago should consider all options. Do you really believe in Mirotic to bank your future on him? I think teams building towards the future will be interested in him in return for an established vet.

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They can't give up on

They can't give up on Mirotic before they even bring him over! They've waited this long, so they need to see what he brings to the table! I've very interested to see if the Bulls make any moves before the deadline (Deng, possibly Boozer if someone will take his contract). Boozer has been producing decently well. Maybe a team that likes to overpay would snatch him up. Very excited to see what Nikola can do in the NBA! Let's hope they can strike a deal.

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