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Call me crazy, but I can seriously see the Bulls picking up one of these three SGs next year:

Eric Gordon:

If you're not just a casual fan of basketball, then you are familiar with D.Rose and Gordon playing on the same AAU squads back in their amateur days. Gordon would be a nice compliment to Rose. A strong slasher who can shoot it with the best of them when healthy. Rose will no longer have to bear the weight of being the only player who can create athletically on the court.

O.J. Mayo:

Mayo is a guy who I feel still has that ability which bought him the hype of the next basketball prodigy. Rose and Mayo are familiar with each other from the AAU circuit also. Not that Memphis is a bad situation, but I think his confidence has taken a slight hit and he could do more, especially with a new squad and working on his all-around game this summer. Mayo played some big minutes during this year's play-offs and now has some experience under his belt. His jumper is smooth, can slash to the bucket, and shows some will on defense. Also let's be honest, with no disrespect to Bogans or Korver, he is a DEFINITE upgrade.

J.R. Smith:

This guy is an enigma to me, BUT I cannot deny his all-around talent. Maybe playing alongside D.Rose can give him a resurgence in his belief as being a leader and working hard on your game. Thibodeau (spell check) would also be a good coach to have for J.R. He is a dead eye shooter when hot, and can also use his size and athleticism to get to the rack. Being a starter would also be interesting with J.R.

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