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Should the Bulls press the panic buttom? I mean, it's early to say that this is going to be a losing season, but the way the team has been playing recently is very worrying. How could they turn this situation? Trading a player, changing the starting line up? Waiting for your comments. My opinion is that Thibs needs to start both Nate Robinson and Taj Gibson. The first one is the scorer this team needs and is showing te capacity of running the team. They need to start Gibson to overshadow Robinson's defensive deficiencies. I think Boozer will benefite being a sub, because he could be second unit's offensive leader and the focus of Hinrich's passes, the only thing he's good at recently.

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They necessitate starting

They necessitate starting Gibson to overshadow Robinson's suspicious deficiencies. I would like to just say all the players in the team very talented and experience. We are offering you here chicago bears tickets. If you want to see upcoming chicago bear matches then get tickets here.

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