Check Out my New Songs

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Check Out my New Songs

Hey guys, not trying to harass you with promo or anything but if you are interested in some really chillin, loungie funk, I just recorded some new songs and would love to show you guys. Personally, I think Gypsy Woman is the best track on there.

I'm a young sound engineering student just looking to make real music, bring back the old days of funk and the blues. Hope yall can Dig it. One Love.

Oh yeah, and Go Heat. 305 in the house lol.

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Good job did you mix this

Good job did you mix this yourself it sounds very professional. Its one thing to play a part to a song, but to actaully make a complete song with percusion, vocals, guitar, bass, synth, etc. edited, levelled, on time and so on is extremely difficult. Youve done a very good job and should be proud of this accomplishment, give yourself a pat on the back.

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