Charlotte's Pick

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Charlotte's Pick

So I was wondering what everyone thought about the Bobcats and who they might decide to draft with the 12th overall pick.

They currently are set at PG with DJ Augustin and Raymond Felton. They are also solid at PF with Boris Diaw and Emeka Okafor as well as at SF with Gerald Wallace. Personally, I think they will draft a SG with this pick to eventually replace Raja Bell since there wont be any centers worth taking with this pick. There are some good ones available at this pick with Chase Budinger, Gerald Henderson, and Wayne Ellington (home grown prospect).

Assuming Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, James Harden, Ricky Rubio, Jordan Hill, Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, Jonny Flynn, and DeJuan Blair are off the board; who will the Bobcats take with this pick?

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That's any easy one.

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Don't count out a PF

The Bobcats have all of the Centers they need. First off, Okafor is a Center in the vein of a poor man's Ben Wallace. There are plenty of perimeter-oriented PF's in the league that Emeka simply cannot guard. He is very long and strong for 6'10", so Center works for him. Meanwhile, Diop and Mohammed take up a lot of cap space and do fine as backup Centers.

Obviously they need a SG, but they could also use a backup PF. Sean May looks done and Alexis Ajinca may never be anything. Look for them to pick DeJuan Blair(if he slips) or even Earl Clark. Clark may be wishful thinking on my part. People seem down on him, but he is the kind of long, versatile, mobile matchup problem that the Bobcats need more of.

If they go the SG route, it looks like Henderson or T-Williams. The problem is, neither one of those players address what they truely need at SG, which are scoring and smooth offensive skills. But at least they are NBA athletes, which would be a step up from some previous Bobcat draft picks.

Budinger and Ellington have smoother offensive games but might be stretches at pick 12. They have similar length despite the height difference. We know Budinger can jump with a running start, but I'm not convinced about either player's overall athleticism.

Larry Brown likes athletic Wings.

Larry Brown loves to teach, and God knows athletec G-Henderson and T-Williams need some teaching on the offensive end. Brown probably won't be able to resist one of those guys.

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