Chargers offensive personnel gets progressively worse every year

Ronnie Brown at RB? Malcom Floyd as #1 WR? What the heck happened to this team?

Norv is still coach somehow... can the Chargers GM just fire himself?

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A year ago at this time the

A year ago at this time the Dallas Mavericks were preparing to defend their first-ever NBA championship, but with only a handful of the players who won that championship still on the team. Rather than jeopardize their 2012 free agency cap space the Mavericks chose to sign cheaper players to one-year deals and shoot for the stars the following summer. Mavericks fans forgave their team’s management because they could already envision the posters and banners featuring the new big three. Would it be “3D in Big D,” with Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams and Dwight Howard all in Mavericks blue?

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“Kyle is an alpha-dog, he is

“Kyle is an alpha-dog, he is a leader,” Casey said. “He plays like a pit bull. He is a different type of player than Jose, a different type of point guard and we need that type of toughness, that approach that he brings to the table.”

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“Just the way he plays the

“Just the way he plays the game, he plays at his own pace. He doesn’t rush, he doesn’t get rattled. He just plays his own game and as a rookie, as a 19-year-old, that is very impressive. You would think he would come in and play 100 miles per hour the entire time, but he doesn’t. He has a change of pace, a change of direction and it’s very refreshing for a 19-year-old.”

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