Chane Behanan and Wayne Blackshear

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Chane Behanan and Wayne Blackshear

I just made a post about Archie Goodwin entering the draft, not noticing one had already been posted but i'll use this topic to ask a question, am I the only one who thinks Wayne Blackshear and Chane Behanan could be very good in the NBA? Like solid 6th man rotation players. Chane Behanan is a very undersized PF but his strength and toughness could help him be a great PF in the NBA, anybody agree?

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I was thinking yesterday that

I was thinking yesterday that Chane Behanan reminded me a little of Charles Barkley. I think he has pro potential at some point. I think he needs to stay another year at least to refine his game. The game is getting faster and more athletic so he might not be too undersized the way things are going.

If he has a good Final Four though I think people will talk about him being a possible late first round pick.

He needs to stay another year though and work on his post moves, and a jumper. He should have good stats next year in the Remnants of the Big East Conference.

I do like the way the way he plays. He could be a mid-first rounder next year. Or even higher if he impresses.

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I like Behanan's game.

I like Behanan's game. Short, but hustler and a good rebounder.

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Wayne Blackshear is so

Wayne Blackshear is so talented and played so well against Kentucky last year in the final four that one would think he would be smoking hot this year but he came into school out of shape reportedly and his game has not reached new heights. He has to come back and prove something next year. Get that explosiveness he had last year back. Get his stroke back and showcase all his abilities next season. He is a special player but he only showed it in spurts this year.

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I have always thought that,

I have always thought that, when they came out of HS. A lot of people were saying they werent prospects last year. They are 3 year players. Blackshear hasnt taken off yet, but I think he will next year.

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Both Chane and Wayne have NBA

Both Chane and Wayne have NBA potential. I think that Wayne has a chance to have a break out season next year. This was the first full season that he has played. Next year will only make him better. Chane has a Sir Charles like game. Not a bad person to be compared too buy many people including his coach. I also believe that he will have a solid year next year and show scouts that he is an NBA talent. I see five pro's on this current roster: Smith, Dieng, Wayne, Chane, Harrell...

I do also think that if a team gives Siva an opportunity it is going to be hard to keep him off of that teams roster...

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Chane reminds me of Jason

Chane reminds me of Jason Maxiell as of now. He has the potential to be a solid role player in the league. I am less certain about Blackshear. He is talented, as I originally pegged him as a one and done out of HS, but I am not convinced him game is polished enough for the next level as of now. He is a guy who looks the part, but lacks fundamentals- including advanced ball-handling and one on one moves. He will more than likely be the MAN next year at Louisville though, because Siva is leaving and I expect Russ Smith to declare.

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