I have not heard any talks of teams going after Chris Kaman. How come the Wolves don't go after this FA? I believe he'll be a perfect fit at center for the wolves. He's got good offense and decent defense. He's defense is an upgrade compare to peck. I love Peck but he's only a backup center. I like that idea of getting Pau but then wolves would lose to much assest in the proces.. Just pay Kaman a lil more and then they'll have a good starting and backup lineup. Let's just hope Batums deal isn't match.

Possible line up:

Rubio, Roy, Batum, Love, and Kaman.


J.J, Luke, Wes, D Williams, Budenger, and Peck.

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It is a really good question that I was thinking about today as well. I really think Kaman is waiting to see which team resign whom before he makes his choice. After the trade to NO last season he seemed to want control over his own future more than anything else.

BOSTON was one of his first choices. If that is still the case, he has to wait and see if they have the money. With Ray Allen gone it is more likely and I think a great fit.

Otherwise I am sure he wants to go to a solid contender - but would have to get a reasonable contract as well. So in his case he has to wait and see. Make the smart choice for money and a chance to win.

I'm sure lots of teams have been in touch. There is no rush for him to sign. How many skilled centres are there on the market?

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Kama over Asik

I would compar Kaman to Asiks contract. After hibbert there isn't that many great centers left. I think Kaman could still be worth a lot and still be serviceable. I reapply hope MJ gives him a call because Love is running out of patience.

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