Celtics Questions

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Celtics Questions

I'm not a Celtics fan but I do catch myself rooting for them quite often. I have a few questions for someone who watches them a lot or is close to the organization.

Sully is hurt, so why don't the Celtics start Green? I feel like they have found some great pieces for the future core of their team with Sully, Green, and Bradley but why won't the give Green 30+ minutes a night? Are there still issues with his heart? Are they not convinced that he can be a starter? Are they only going to play him at the 3 and since Pierce is still starting, are they not going to let him play much?

If the rebuild is in full swing, why aren't they shopping Pierce harder? I feel like he is the most traceable piece on the tread and he could make a lot of teams playoff contenders.

Is Sully the future at PF for them or is he just a temporary ?

Is moving Rondo for a different superstar the right move?

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As far as Green is concerned,

As far as Green is concerned, he's much better at the SF and they are grooming him to replace Pierce, so that's why they aren't placing him in the starting lineup, and also because he provides some great support off the bench that the Celtics need right now.

They aren't shopping Pierce because it'd be like shopping Larry Bird; while they had their ups and downs with him, Pierce's loyalty and contributions in the 2008 championship have made him practically untradeable, and Ainge would have to do a lot of explaining to the fanbase if it wasn't a home-run deal.

Also, the Celtics don't really need too many young pieces, they have Rondo, Bradley, Sullinger, Green and Melo who will form the next wave of Celtics, it's not like the Lakers where they only have one young piece, they've managed to find a great mix of veterans and youth which enables them to rebuild on the run, so trading Pierce doesn't make sense.

As far as Sullinger is concerned, I'm not 100% sold that he's the PF of the future, he lacks the defensive capacity the Celtics would like the see, but he's a polished post scorer and has a wide array of skills, he's certain not untouchable, but unless they get a chance at a real stud PF, there aren't too many young PFs you'd take over Sullinger.

As far as trading Rondo goes; no, it doesn't make sense. Rondo's play-style has longevity in that he impacts the game without scoring and makes everyone around him better, so even though at 26 he's nearing his prime, he should be able to remain effective well into his 30s, much like a Jason Kidd or Steve Nash type, and he's not a superstar who will stifle the growth of other players.

And just as a general note, the Celtics and Doc Rivers don't want to go into a full-on rebuild, and given the willingness of free agents to sign in Boston, it isn't entirely necessary like it might be for other franchises. While our chances of a championship are gone, we can still make the playoffs without Rondo, and it'll be a valuable learning experience for Bradley as the primary guard on the team. Much like Beal's growth was accelerated by playing without Wall, Bradley will be a better player with the extra responsibility he'll have with Rondo out, and so trying to win games and make the playoffs will only help their young core - although the Sullinger injury still smarts.

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The team

Is fairly young. If KG is ring chasing then shop if Paul is then shop. But they content in boston and if there is no good deals on the table why jump? The team has the pieces to rebuild and the veteran deals are not bad at all. Danny has already done well. Bradley is 21 and been a 2 year starter.

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