Celtics @ Lakers

Should be a good game and could be the season-changer the Lakers have been looking for

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Dwight is playing with a lot

Dwight is playing with a lot of energy so far. Looks like the all star break allowed his back to heel more as well as his shoulder. A very active 8pts and 4 rebs mid way thru 1st qt

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See what happens

Dwight's again looking EASILY like the best Center in the NBA. The Lakers when they use him every play. He doesnt even have to touch the ball. Just by using his screen and looking at him gets other players open. Let's see if they'll stick with this style the entire game. Im hoping they dont go to that small line-up. It's terrible. They should just put Sacre at Center when Howard is out.

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Granted, the Celtics are one

Granted, the Celtics are one of the worst rebounding teams in the league and he was matched up against Jason Collins for 6-7 minutes but it's great to see Dwight Howard playing hard.

Let's see how he does in the 2nd half

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Dwight is the guy that will

Dwight is the guy that will determine if the lakers make the playoffs or not. If he plays like he is tonight, lakers have a chance to go on a real run. If he plays like he has for the majority of the first half the season, lakers will be around .500 and miss the playoffs.

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One thing I've noticed about

One thing I've noticed about the Lakers is they are much better when Nash just dominates the ball and runs the whole offense, because Nash is obviously gonna look to pass it, he is no role player even at this age, he is the key to the lakers offense and Kobe needs to let him take over they're offense because Kobe will get his shots up no matter what

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Dwight has been balling so

Dwight has been balling so far tonight.

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