Celtics Big 3 Future

Yesterday celtics General Manager Danny Ainge said in an interview with the Boston Globe

"I would have to look into that if a good trade came about"

This is in reference to trading one or more of the Big Three away. I personally think that the Celtic Big 3 are now past there time (please don't thumbs down me because of thiat) some people still think that they can have one more run.

Suppose Danny did trade some of the Big three away, would these ideas work?

Trading Pierce*

*Clippers also give Celtics there 2011 1st round pick

Trading Garnett**

**I used to have Hickson to the Celts but I didn't think the Cavs would trade him

Which Trade do you think is the best? I personally my two Paul Pierce trades with the Clippers and the Bucks.

Looking forward to comments!

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Sorry about the double post

Sorry about the double post please post on my other forum topic and please, please, please don't thumbs down me.

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