Cavs weakness

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Cavs weakness

Since Cavs weakness is defending the pick and roll and seeing Shaq isn't that great at it, I've been thinking maybe they should go after Rasheed Wallace. He's one of the best paint defenders in the league plus he could hit perimeter shots. He could've guarded Rashard Lewis during the Eastern Conference series.

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I agree

Shaq was a good move for the Cavs, but I have to laugh at the people who are already crowning the Cavs. The Lakers, Spurs, Magic, and Celtics should all be better next year. And the Cavs had trouble all season against the elite teams. They need a pf that can spread the floor as well as rebound and defend on the perimeter. Ferry should probably just let Verajao walk since he can't spread the floor or defend the perimeter, and use that money on someone like a RWallace.

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Yep Rasheed would be a

Yep Rasheed would be a pretty big upgrade over Verejao. I think the Cavs would be the favorite to win it all if they get R. Wallace.

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Trenton Hassel would be great pick-up for the Cavs

If they added any of Wallace, Villanueva, even Al Harrington, or Joey Graham they win it because they need someone big with decent feet to guard Reshard. Kleiza and Marvin are Rest. FA that could be key. They need one more peice.

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Villanueva to Cleveland is a

Villanueva to Cleveland is a strong possibility, he's already been on record talking about Cleveland saying he'd like to be paired with Lebron, that they were McDonalds All-Americans together and that when Cleveland made the trade for shaq, he wrote "all they need is a good PF". on top of that, giving the qualifying option to Ramon Sessions and not Villanueva yet, and also trading for Amir Johnson, Villanueva said he's not sure where he fits in.

on top of that, a healthy JJ Hickson adds a great defender for the pick and roll defense if he can stay healthy

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