Cavs targeting Kevin Love?

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Cavs targeting Kevin Love?

The Cavs are hoping to upgrade the roster before next summer in an attempt to lure James (or another impact free agent, presumably). As we heard from Adrian Wojnarwoski of Yahoo! Sports yesterday, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, and draft picks could be dangled as trade chips. Broussard mentions LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love as potential targets.

Are the Minnesota Timberwolves looking to trade Kevin Love in the next year or two? According to Bill Simmons of Grantland, the answer is yes: “If we’re measuring players by trade value, we’re really measuring them by the probability that they’d ever be traded. And Kevin Love WILL be traded. It’s inevitable. It might happen this summer, it might happen during next season, but it’s going to happen. What should you do if you’re Minnesota? If you’re smart, you’d build around Rubio (about to get an extension), Pekovic (about to get paid) and whatever you can get for Kevin Love. The blueprint: In February 2011, the Jazz shrewdly dealt Deron Williams 17 months before he could bolt Utah for a high lottery pick (Derrick Favors) and a future lottery pick (that became No. 3 overall: Enes Kanter), maximizing any and all leverage they had.”

Alot of Cavs fans are saying they don't want to break up the core of the team, but if it means landing a proven allstar talent on the front nine of his career i'm all for it. I love hearing this as a Cavs fan because it shows that this organization is ready to try to make moves to build an legit contending team.

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Wolves arent shopping Love

Wolves arent shopping Love anymore

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