Cavs offseason

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Cavs offseason

Who should the cavs draft this year? I feel like they need some new active forwards who can play d and score down low. Is there any way they could trade up a few places and draft some like dejuan blair?

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I think since Varejo opted

I think since Varejo opted out they shouldn't resign him. He wants to much money and he isn't that much of a factor to begin with. The Cavs actually have some prett big holes to fill believe it or not.

They need a guard with size. They need a big man who can play defense and is athletic. They need a forward who can sub in for James when he needs a breather.

The good news is with the 30th pick they can fill one of these needs. Also the Cavs have a lot of money to spend if they choose to do so.

I see a greatly improve Cavs team next year that will probably be the favorite to win it all.

If any of these players are available at 30 then they should take them Summers, Young, Brown, Gibson.

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I'd honestly love to see

I'd honestly love to see something with Houston to happen with Ron Artest coming to Cleveland. He would take a lot of pressure off James on the Defensive end and can be a very capable 2nd-3rd option on a team.

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