Carmelo trade 3

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Carmelo trade 3

Knicks get: Andre Drummond and Jamal Murray or Gary Harris

Rockets get: Carmelo and mason plumlee (sign and trade)

Pistons get: Ryan Anderson and Clint capela

Nuggets get: Eric Gordon

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I think the Nuggets need a

I think the Nuggets need a bit more than Gordon for Harris and Plumlee

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I know Tim Connelly, Hes

I know Tim Connelly, Hes never trading Harris or Murray.

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How the hell would New York

How the hell would New York get Harris, Murray or Drummond for Melo, let alone two of them?

I applaud the effort to make three separate posts but I don't know which of your three trades is the worst.. it's like choosing between pus, vomit or a shit..!

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I'm assuming you're a Houston

I'm assuming you're a Houston or Knicks fan. If there are any other teams involved, they get completely screwed in your trade ideas. Detroits return for Drummond is mediocre at best, but Denver gets totally reamed in this scenario. Please think about other teams in your trade scenarios and what makes sense for them, otherwise your points are going to go further downhill than they already are.

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lol detroit trades drummond

lol detroit trades drummond for 3 years of ryan anderson at 20 mil?

just because a trade machine exists doesnt mean you should use it...

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I can tell by these trade

I can tell by these trade ideas that you are an extremely optimistic andhopeful Knicks fan haha. The knicks should hire you to boost team morale.

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