Carmelo - Garnett feud

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Carmelo - Garnett feud

Carmelo Anthony pursues Kevin Garnett after loss
NEW YORK (AP) — Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett jawed from baseline to midcourt, and Anthony still had more to say.

So the Knicks forward went toward the Celtics locker room after the game to keep shouting, taking his frustrations from the court right along with him and perhaps risking an NBA suspension.

Paul Pierce scored 23 points, and Boston beat New York 102-96 on Monday night in a heated first meeting of the season between the Atlantic Division rivals.
Anthony left without talking to reporters and the Knicks wouldn't comment on Anthony's postgame trip in the wrong direction, but Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn't deny it.

"I'm going to let you all figure that one out. I'm going to stay out of that," Rivers said. "If it was the playoffs I'd tell on him, but since it's not I'm going to just be quiet."

Rivers didn't need to. MSG Network reported the incident, in which security had to step in and send Anthony back in the right direction, as it went to its postgame show, and the league likely will investigate and could penalize the Knicks' leading scorer.
Garnett added 19 points and 10 rebounds for the Celtics, who even without the suspended Rajon Rondo won their third straight and finally are playing like the team that has ruled the division for the last half-decade.

The Knicks want that title now, but Anthony and his teammates were reminded how tough the Celtics can make it.

Anthony had 20 points but shot 6 of 26 while battling his temper, Garnett and foul trouble.

Garnett denied the postgame altercation.
"Listen, heat of the battle, man. Guys go back and forth. He's trying to get his team to go, I'm trying to get my team to go, both teams are colliding, not to mention that it's the Knicks and the Celtics," Garnett said. "Just what it is, man."
Things just got interesting between NY and Boston

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Oh man, I'd love to see a

Oh man, I'd love to see a playoff series against those two teams this season.

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Strange because he seemed

Strange because he seemed calm towards the end of the game and even outside near the bus.

The Knicks post game crew kept saying they were happy Melo didn't back down from KG and his antics. Wally Sczerbiak is part of that crew and obviously he played w/KG so he knows he talks a lot of trash. Would've been nice if Melo backed it up on the court but hopefully next time they do. Melo played hard but not smart him fouling Green just inside the 3 pt. line on a post up was stupid not like Green is gonna do anything.

On the game the Knicks blew it they had a 8-10 pt. lead but they got sloppy too much 1 on 1. Woodson was terrible with the lineup again. Novak had his shot going and only got 16 mins, Camby was solid and got 10 mins. Not sure why Amare only gets 6 shots in 28 mins esp. when he's getting to the line not like he's in the game for his defense or rebounding. Melo was turning into Kobe talking all those shots.

JR Smith bought up the ball too much and Bradley's pressure was getting to him and slowed the offense down. Prigioni was awful 4 turnovers and 0 asts in 16 mins. Felton was really missed tonight, GM needs to get a legit backup PG since Prigioni is streaky and doesn't look for his shot enough. Till Felton comes back the offense is going to struggle unless they get Amare more touches he's been better the last 2 games but needs more shots.

I wonder if Woodson put Amare or Chandler on KG if that would've stopped the KG n Melo feud but didn't seem like he wanted to stop it.

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Garnett and Melo are two of

Garnett and Melo are two of the biggest pussies in the league. What was melo going to do ? Sucker punch him when he wasn't looking like he did a few yrs ago on Mardy Collins when his back was turned, leading to his 15 game suspension.

Give me the old days of Oakley, Mason, Mahorn, Laimbeer etc

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That Feud between Garnett & Melo

That Feud between Garnett & Melo was more Exciting then that BCS Title Game!!!

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Let KG take him out of his game. He lost the mental edge tonight. He was psychologically taken out the game. Melo should not have let that happen. Garnett did his job.

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Ahhh I love this type of

Ahhh I love this type of basketball, Melo is the reason they lost, 6-26 FOH, but he should channel Game 6 Lebron when they meet next.

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