Canada Beat USA?

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Canada Beat USA?

I was just looking at all the talent in Canada and in 5 years they may present a strong challenge to U.S
Myck Kabongo
Andrew Wiggins
Anthony Bennett
Tristan Thompson
Kris Joseph
Corey Joseph
Tyler Ennis
Xavier Rayes
Andy Rautins

I'm sure there are some guys I forgot.

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Andrew Nicholson and Khem

Andrew Nicholson, Robert Sacre, the crazy 3 point shooting kid at Michigan and Khem Birch.

I'm Canadian so I'll always hope for the best but even if Bennett, Thompson and Wiggins all develop into the kind of talent that justifies them being high draft picks, we'd still need a miracle to beat the talent and depth of team USA.

The most interesting thing to me is that Canada might have a chance to field an entire team of players with at least some NBA experience at the 2016 Olympics. I don't think there's ever been a team that's been able to do that besides the US.

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Team Canada

Pangos and the Bhullar brothers as well.

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