Can Blake Griffin play small forward

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Can Blake Griffin play small forward

Many teams that are likely to get the #1 draft pick(ex.Sacramento Kings) are in need of a small forward. Can Griffin move and play small forward effectively?

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Doubt it

I just have trouble imagining Blake Griffin hitting NBA threes and keeping up with some of the more athletic Small Forwards that are out in the league. Plus you got a good thing going at Power forward with him

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I dont think as a rookie he

I dont think as a rookie he couls come in and play the 3 but he'll probably develop skills that will allow him to play some 3 later on when his perimeter defense gets work. Primarily this guy is a Power Forward.

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Heeeeeeeelllll naw he wont be able 2 play on the perimeter, just let him do what he does best. Bang down low.

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that makes absolutely no sense

thats like using a ferrari to tow a boat. Sure if you stuck a damm hitch on the back of it it could tow something, but whats the point of that. Any team likely to get the number 1 pick probably needs a little of everything or it wouldnt be likely to get the number 1 pick. Thats just silly, it really is.

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What teams need a small forward other than the kings? The Wizards have Caron Butler, the Clippers have a young Al Thornton, the Thunder have Kevin Durant, the Grizzlies have Rudy Gay and the Warriors have Stephen Jackson. So one of the top six likely picks is in need of a SF, I'm sorry, I just don't really understand this post.

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He'll Make The Transition Easily

Why wouldn't he be abel to play the 3? He can handle the ball, he shoots well, his defense is great, and he can jump with anyone. If anything he'd be a mismatch for any 3 in the league to guard (unless your Lebron) I think he'd be a beast at the 3. Now if Im a team that runs and guns like OKC or Memphis then he'd be perfect at the 4.

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See no reason for him to play the 3

See no reason for him to play the 3, the guy at least in the college ranks is a beast in the post. The guy should be a pure post guy maybe learning how to hit that C.Oakley jumper form time to time but he should concentrate on playing the 4. Only if he doesn't measure out favorably would he even have a reason to entertain the thought of playing the three. But even so in this day and age of 6'7&6'8 4 men that still shouldn't affect his approach of playing pf full time.

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Blake Griffin is 6-foot-10,

Blake Griffin is 6-foot-10, 245-250 pounds.

He plays best with his back to the basket.

His primary weapons are his strength and his touch in the lane.


Sounds like an ideal power forward to me. I don't think there's a single team that would put him at any other position, aside from maybe a small lineup using him as a center. 

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