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BYU and UCONN are pretty much one man teams. If Jimmer or Kemba struggle, the team struggles to pull off the W. The NCAA Tourney is when taking over games on a game to game basis is more difficult because you play smarter, tougher, and better teams.

Do you guys think these two teams can make a deep run into the NCAA Tourney? If not, which round do you see them knocked out in?

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BYU and UConn

Both teams lose in Sweet 16.

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kemba will lead uconn to elite 8 at least

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Isn't really a one man team. As for how these teams do in the tournament, depends on their seeding. I think UConn has a good run in them, but BYU is going to be dearly hurt with the loss of Davies I believe.

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BYU always does really well

BYU always does really well in the regular season and then chokes in the Tourney. They will loose in the sweet 16. Consequently causing Jimmer's stock to drop because he couldn't lead his team to victory when it really mattered. (Why do you think Hayward was picked in the lottery? If it wasn't for Butler's success in the tourney last year he would have been picked in the late first round)

As for Kemba I predict the same thing to happen. Lose in the sweet 16 and his stock plummets to a mid first rounder.

BTW, I think both players will be selected in the mid first round. (14-20 range)

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UConn has been my favorite

UConn has been my favorite team for years. Having said that, I still think they are in trouble come tournament time. Although they aren't exactly a one man team (Oriakhi can score on the block and freshman Jeremy Lamb has become someone teams have to worry about), they still rely heavily on Kemba and his scoring ability. When Kemba is having a tough night, UConn will probably be having a tough night.

UConn struggles shooting the ball from the perimeter and that will be their major downfall come tournament time. Without a few reliable three point shooters, or anyone who can really go off when Kemba is having a bad night, I don't don't see the Huskies making it past the Sweet 16. I wish I had more optimism for my squad, there is light at the end of the tunnel.....a very dim light. A bad night for Kemba probably equals a loss in the tourney.

On a side note, If Jeremy Lamb can gain some consistency from the perimeter and tighten up his ball handling he's going to be a first round pick. He's got decent size, great length and decent athleticism. All he needs is consistency and LOOK OUT.

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