Byron Eaton

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Byron Eaton

What are your thoughts on him as a professional,whether you think he is a long shot to make an NBA roster or a potential good player overseas.

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I loved what I saw in the tournament

He put OSU on his back and carried them, but he did look a little short. I remember the commentators saying he lost some weight to get to his current athleticism, but maybe if he lost a little more he could be really explosive. He must have put himself on the NBA radar. He should try to lose some weight before precombine workouts and play out of his mind to get a 2nd round flyer from some needy team.

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He should have continued his

He should have continued his football career, he is gonna amount to nothing in basketball...

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It is never a good sign when

It is never a good sign when "needs to lose some weight" is attached to your scouting report.

The list of overweight point guards who have done anything in the NBA is very short, to say the least.

Eaton is what he is, a very good college guard, who is overweight and will struggle to do the little things in the NBA, like play defense without fouling, because of his weight issues.

Anyone remember Khalid El-Amin, UConn. Kind of a similar deal. My thought are, if you don't have the motivation to get in shape and stay in shape, why would a team invest money in you?

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