butidonthavemoney and Rockstar Games bring you.....

Pedo Rage

So far all, i know is you play as an Ivy League graduate that has lost his mind and now must capture...,"smaller" characters and bring them back to you hideout.

Here are some screenshots from the demo

want to get fit?

the pedo-van


pedo-van with myself

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that guy doesn't look similar

that guy doesn't look similar enough to john bryant

fix it

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I told them in the production notes that John Bryant was supposed to be scaled down in order to fit on the screen, but this is rediculous...

Somebody's getting fired...

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(Interestingly, the HEAT were

(Interestingly, the HEAT were the top team in the NBA in terms of opponent’s fastbreak efficiency, which might have to do with James and Wade’s ability to run down the court and block shots from behind)

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