Bust Players

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Bust Players

Who your favorite bust players of all time? The players you thought would turn into a beast but didnt turn out that good.

Joseph Forte: I thought he could turn into a Rajon Rondo

Sean May: I just knew he was a double double machine guess not

Gerald Green: He should of focus on his jump shot not dunk contest

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Favorite Busts

Shaun Livingston: thought he'd be a great PG in the league with playing time and strength...that freak knee injury robbed him of his career. Good to see he's still in the league though as a role player.

Darius Miles

Gerald Green: definitely with you on that KOBEJR2012, if he would have developed a jumper...he would have stuck around in the league longer

Shelden Williams: averaged a double double I think at Duke...just never panned out in NBA

Rashad McCants


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Sean Williams- amazing

Sean Williams- amazing athlete and shotblocker, doubt he could avg atleast a double in his prime didn't stick around long enough due to immaturity

marcus williams- thought he was the sucessor to kidd but unfortunately never was in shape and had an inconsistant jumper

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i really liked joey graham i

i really liked joey graham i was impressed with his ridiculous physique and was intrigued by him at OSU

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Word has it than Sean

Word has it than Sean Williams has actually finally matured into very coachable player. First to practice, last to leave. Would love for him to come back to the L. Could be a 13,9, 3 block player if he's actually matured and worked on his spot up J.

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Stromile Swift Randy

Stromile Swift

Randy Foye

Darius Miles

Jonathan Bender

Dajuan Wagner

Gerald Green

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