Bulls Trade Ideas

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Bulls Trade Ideas

I"m just curious if anyone else thinks the Bulls should make a move before the trade deadline especially with Rose being close to returning. I would like to see them try and get a back up center because Nazr Mohammed just isn't cutting it. Right now they seem to be loaded at the guard spot and Nasty Nate has been a heck of a deal so far. Teague has no been able to crack the rotation so far this yr even with Rose out so when Rose comes back he will be buried even deeper in the rotation. I wouldn't mind trying to flip him for a solid back up center because teams will still like to have him because he is young. One idea that keeps coming to mind would be ship Teague to Dallas for Wright. Maybe its trading Nate or Kirk but I really feel like they need depth with the bigs and if they don't get it they will regret it come playoff time. Shoot some ideas around with what your teams needs to push them into the playoffs, something realistic not far fetched.

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