Bulla Utah Trade?


Utah gets:
Loul Deng
Marco Belinelli
Marquis Teague
+ Bobcats owned #1 pick goes to Utah

Bulls get:
Derrick Favors
Marvin Williams
Kevin Murphy

Utah makes their decision on the big man overload. They seem to love Al Jefferson, and Paul Milsap seems to love Utah. Both re-sign. Kanter continues to develop and they move the talented young Favors for a another veteran presence and All-Star Loul Deng. Marco Belinelli is a valuable piece and nice threat off the bench with his scoring/shooting ability. Throw in National Champion first round pick Marquis Teague, who has looked scared but played extremely well his last game. Could be a nice backup PG. Solid defender, extremely quick feet, not a bad body, and can penetrate extremely well thanks to that blazing quickness. Bobcats pick will be a lottery or at best Top 5 in 2016. They way the Bobcats are going.... They would then need to find a starting PG or maybe get Mo Williams on the cheap next year, hope Alec Burks finds something, and that is a really nice team.

Mo Williams, Gordon Hayward, Loul Deng, Paul Milsap, Al Jefferson
Bench: Marquis Teague, Randy Foye, Marco Belinelli, DaMarre Carroll playing well, Alec Burks, Jeremy Evans, Enes Kanter, Bell, Watson, Tinsley

Bulls lose a reliable veteran and major to key to their success over Deng's time here but cut some much needed salary and gain a potentially great big man in the process. They also lose what could be a top draft pick with Charlotte's but Favors is well worth it. Bulls staff realize that this core is not going to make a title run. They realize they need, not a rebuild, but changes. Boozer will be amnestied in '14, while Mirotic also comes over.

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The 4 position

Is full...What about boozer and taj who they just signed an extension.. They have their big man rotation already, why give up the LOVED Deng and a good perimeter defensive player to create a logjam? This trade just doesn't make sense. It doesn't fill a need for the bulls and the Jazz don't go anywhere even with this trade because they still lack a true point guard.

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Why is Thibs killing Noah this year playing him 40 minutes a game then? I think they could use a big man who could potentially be great, I think that is the most coveted position by every team in the league. Is Boozer going to win them a championship? No, plus, like I said, he will be amnestied in '14. Pairing the youngest MVP ever and top PG in the league with a talented young big who is already a defensive nightmare and could be scary good in 2 to 3 years! Come on!

Deng is automatic for 17 points and great effort every night. Adding his veteran consistency would be a great lift for Utah adding him with the two above average Big Men, and Kanter. A huge upgrade over Marvin Williams! Like you say though, if they could land a top PG, title contender. They wouldn't have cash for CP3 would they?

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The Bulls are giving up a

The Bulls are giving up a lot... the first round pick the Bulls are giving up would require either Gordan Hayward, or Alec Burks and a second rounder instead of Kevin Murphy. Marvin Williams cannot be the second best asset you get from Deng and a first rounder.

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its not a good trade, So

its not a good trade, So basically replacing Loul deng for marvin williams?, Man that sucks!
and with Taj Gibson and Boozer, Sure Favors is better than the two of them but letting go of loul deng?, deng is the second option and plays defense on Bulls,

they dont need to make a major trade, except on moving boozer, but its highly unlikely because of his contract, they would just play him all through his contract nad just keep the Pick and select and prospect

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you are either way over

you are either way over valueing Favors or way under valueing Deng. Bad trade for Chicago.

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I've got to agree with the

I've got to agree with the general sentiment in the responses: the Bulls are giving up way too much. If anything, Utah should be sending Chicago a pick, not the other way around.

And as for your point about salary, the Bulls are barely cutting anything in this trade. They're coming out ~two million in the plus here, which is fairly insignificant. Secondly, Belinelli's contract expires at the end of the season, and Teague makes less than a mill a year. They'd be better off letting Belinelli walk at the end of the year than completing this trade if cutting salary is their aim.

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Is this a joke?

Is this a joke? As much as I like Favors, offensively, he is redundant for the Bulls. Yes he blocks/alters shots but he's splitting minutes with Gibson and Noah as well as a 4th big to be named later. Those are minutes he would be better off getting on a team he could actually start on, he'd pull an Asik and sign a front end loaded deal with another team.

Then you trade away their top three point threat (Belinelli) and best semi-healthy, all-round offensive option (Deng) for Marvin Williams and Kevin Murphy. To further the robbery, you included the 2016 unprotected Bobcats pick, getting no pick in return. Then you threw in Teague; a 19 year old PG who could be a decent backup for a couple years on a cheap rookie contract behind Rose. C'mon son.

The Bulls need to amnesty Boozer as soon as it is possible in the 2013 offseason, sign Nikola Mirotić (rookie salary, btw) and wait to see what that 2016 Bobcats pick brings you. In the next couple years, find a 4th Big to go with Noah, Gibson and Mirotić through the draft or a versatile two guard who can defend the opponents best perimeter play and possibly be a triple threat type player to go alongside D. Rose.

Worst comes to worst over the next few drafts/offseasons, you still can count on the Bobcats to possibly stink.

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That's awesome! Guess I am overvaluing Favors. I think he is going to be great. He was the 3rd pick in the draft and has been limited in his opportunities. Athletic bigs with his bulk don't come around too often. I have just been trying to find a way to break up this bulls team because I have been watching them be in NBA hell (just good enough to think you have a tilte shot, but don't while not giving yourself a chance to get a franchise-changer through the draft) for quite sometime, and something needs to change. Can't trade Boozer, I don't want to lose Noah, so Deng goes, and you get a potentially great big man in Favors, who I guess I am much, much, higher on that others.

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Utah will look to move

Utah will look to move Jefferson or Millsap before they move Favours I've always figured, so I don't like the trade and the Bulls give up way too much.

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