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What do you think the bucks should do in the off-season as far as drafting or trading to get into the playoffs.

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They probably...

They probably dont have to do a whole lot. Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut were out most of the season. So next year you will have a 20+ point scorer and a 12point 10 rebound guy back in the line up. Plus they will get a good player in the lottery in the upcoming draft.

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Villanueva is going to be a

Villanueva is going to be a restricted free agent. They need to if decide if he's the guy they want at the 4 or not. I say either Greg Monroe if he declares or Craig Brackins whoever they feel will be the better pro, but Redd and Jefferson are going to be unrestricted free agents in 2010 so they could go SG.

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They have to figure out

They have to figure out whether or not they think they will be able to make something out of Joe Alexander in the future...and if not, they need to draft for that position again...they also need to consider a backup shooting guard for when Redd either moves on or starts to decline, perhaps someone that he could mentor, and show them how to be a scorer without necessarily being the most athletic guy on the court (though Redd is more athletic than he appears). But again, they are a pretty solid team, just got really unlucky with injuries, kind of like Washington, but hey, it happens...

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redds leaving after next year

they really should start rebuilding, in 2010 Redds a free agent so he'll probably move on, joe alexander hasnt panned out Jefferson and Bogut have had injury problems, they should probably take the best player available and cross their fingers that ramon sessions plays next year like he did the second half of this one

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If you went with a backup

If you went with a backup for Redd, I think DeRozan should be the guy. He has all the athleticism anyone could ever ask for and if Redd could take him under his wing and help him develop a jumper like his own, DeRozan would be some incredible player.

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They are going to be in rebuilding mode..they need just about everything except for a small forward and center. I dont see Michael Redd coming back or Villanueva. Richard Jefferson wont come back either if he didnt get a long term deal done after the trade so they will have to build around Bogut and Sessions,not exactly franchise players. They are going to need to get a better team

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