Brian Grant has Parkinson's

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Brian Grant has Parkinson's

Poor guy. And he's only 37. I've ripped this guy throughout his whole career (Brian "My freaking gerbil is tougher down low than you" Grant) but I wish this guy the best

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Sad to hear that

Real sorry to hear that.

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agreed, you can bash any

agreed, you can bash any sports player all you want because he is a cheat (Arod for example), classless, opposite team bantering or your own team player that became over rated and busted.

but, at the end of the day...we should all put aside those emotions when something tragic like death, major injury (Zednik being cut across the throat) and cancer revelations.

I, also wish him the best of luck

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That sucks

Grant was one of my favourite players growing up. Loved the fact that he was a meat and potatoes guy; nothing fancy, just efficient and smart. But Parkinson's... at 37? It certainly is a rare sight, especially for someone who's a professional athlete.

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Brian Grant

Wish Grant Best of Luck....He Was A Good Basketball Player And A Human :) And at a such young age...

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