Brandon Roy Has Degenerative Athritis

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Brandon Roy Has Degenerative Athritis

Doctors have just discovered than Brandon Roy has degenerative Athritis and are advising him to retire from basketball pernanantly; it is in stage III, I it gets to stage IV then that's when your talking about knee replacement surgery. Sad to see this happen to easily the 3rd best shooting guard before his knee injuries occurred; we didn't even get to see him in his prime which has robbed us to see how good he could've been. Here's a link

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This is unbelievably sad to

This is unbelievably sad to read.

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Nor surprising at all....yet you can't help feeling badly for him

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isnt this the exact reason he

isnt this the exact reason he left the blazers? i dont understand why this seems new to him...

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Slightly surprised this was

Slightly surprised this was not picked up when the injuries first occurred as they were considered bad enough to make him retire. Hopefully he makes a sensible decision and does not play on if it risks his long term health, he does not want to be walking with a stick for maybe 50 years or even worse. He has made a load of money and could easily look at other ways to stay in the game as he is a high character guy.

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I created a thread on this

I created a thread on this site a couple of years ago and predicted this about Roy.

You can't play without a meniscus. That's just two much grinding between your bones... You're wearing down your articular cartilage. Micro-fracture was discussed for Roy, but they decided against it because there was no point... He'd only wear the newly created articular cartilage right back out because he has no padding (meniscus) to protect it. When your wear down your articular cartilage, that's when you get a degenerative knee and are headed for needing a complete knee replacement.

I'd hate to see a MRI of Roy's knees.

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