brandon jennings - half court?

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brandon jennings - half court?

can jennings succeed in the half court or is he only uptempo?

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Really just stop havein

Really just stop havein Forum about this guy. Every day theres a new one!

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since he played in europe for a season

i guess he can play half court (not very well just yet)...
european game is based on the fundamentals of basketball so im guessing he will play half court 'satisfactorily' for a rookie PG. the problem for him would be that he doesnt shoot well at all.
might need to see if he will be successful or not

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Yes he does

Brandon Jennings has enough play making ability, athletism and quickness to play in a half court game. If anything his real liability would be his strength issues. Thats the only thing I can really see holding him back.

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