Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis-Who gets your allstar vote?

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Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis-Who gets your allstar vote?

Brandon Jennings has better numbers statistically but from what Ive seen throughout the year is that teams tend to plan their game around stopping Monta which gives Brandon oppurtunity to be more productive. Monta gets my vote.

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Agree with Siggy. Jrue

Agree with Siggy. Kyrie Irving and ??? takes their spots.

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Brandon should be a lock now.

Brandon should be a lock now. He outplayed Jrue last night, bucks have a good record. I wanted Jrue to make it but the record will speak. Sorry Jrue and Kyrie, its how the coaches vote. I hope all three make it tho

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I don't like either of them

I don't like either of them

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I'd actually put Brandon

I'd actually put Brandon Jennings in if I were a coach. There's more to the All-Star reserves selections than stats. The Bucks are now actually in the playoffs with Brandon as their best player, while Cleveland and Philly are under .500. The Bucks lead the 76ers by 6 games and the Cavs by 12.5 games.Kyrie Irving puts up amazing stats, but I really haven't seen him make his teammates better. Kyrie Isn't Lebron but you saw immediate change when Lebron got to Cleveland, or when Rose got to the Bulls, or when Durant got to the Thunder, or even when Brandon Roy got to the Trailblazers.

Brandon is lower on the offensive end of the spectrum than Kyrie and Jrue, but he averages less fouls, less turnovers, and more steals than both of them. He also averages more assists than Kyrie(albeit is a small amount it's still more on the stat sheet). Jennings even goes to the free throw line more than Kyrie and Jrue, If you look at Kyrie's stats he's a more efficient Brandon Jennings at this moment. Maybe his game will change when he "gets better teammates" but He's a great scorer, still don't see the Chris Paul comparisons.

I say put Brandon Jennings in, his team isn't playing bad, and other than his low field goal percentage you can't say anything bad about him. Cleveland and the 76ers are both under .500. Kyrie and Jrue are playing good individually but their teams aren't.

The Cavs are 11-32. Has any number 1 pick in recent memory had a slower team turn around than Kyrie? Maybe John Wall, and Bargnani, but Lebron, Dwight, Bogut, Blake, Rose all improved their teams quickly and Oden even improved the Blazers when he was actually in the game. Just saying Kyrie is good, but maybe he isn't that super duper player everyone thinks he is.

Jennings deserves the All-Star team THIS year.

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Jrue Holiday......Brandon

Jrue Holiday......Brandon Jennings so inconsistent

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Jrue definitely should make

Jrue definitely should make it. He is averaging 19ppg 9apg 4.2 rpg while shooting 45% from the field. Jennings is averaging 18.7 ppg 5.8 apg 3.5 rpg on 41% from the field. I think Jrue Holiday definitely deserves to be on the all star team.

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