Brandon Jennings

With his restricted free agency impending this upcoming summer and MIL organization having question marks all over (
owner, coach, and GM) you have to think there's a good chance BJ is suiting up elsewhere next season. It got me thinking about 1) what type of contract he'll command on the open market and 2) where else he could possibly sign outright.
Contract wise, I feel like he'll get at least a Ty Lawson (4yr/$48 mil) deal if he stays healthy all year and keeps playing well. The real question is what teams with cap spacehe could end up on. I'm going to lay out the options and you guyys chime in on where you think he'd be a fit IF hewere to leave the Bucks.

Atlanta Hawks: they have a load of expiring deals and a GM who wants to rebuild, I like Teague but I'm not sp sure they're sold on him being the guy they want running the show going forward. Playing with Horford and possibly Smith would be appealing, but the roster could look completely different next year, so this might be a longshot.

Utah Jazz: plenty of productive big guys, and young talent on the wings as well. Favors keeps showing signs of being a budding star and it's pretty clear either Milsap or Jefferson won't be back next year in order to make room for him. Mo isin the final year of his contract and with their young nucleus they might want to go young at the point as well rather than re-sign him long term.

New Orleans Hornets: Anthony Davis is the new face of the franchise and has been very productive albeit a small sample size of games played, still I think he's as close to a sure thing #1 pick as we've seen since Rose. If Gordon does play at some point this year and can stay remotely healthy that would be great for this franchise as he can light it up andthis team needs consistent perimeter scoring. They have floor spacing with Ryan Anderson another likely lotto pick that can be used on a 3, and if that were the case this could be a very nice landing spot for Brandon. They could let Rivers play his natural 2 with the 2nd unit and not try to make him a point which he isn't.

Sacramento Kings: I know they like Isiah, but I'm pretty sure he's not the long-term answer. Tyreke will probably be else where by next summer, so that leaves Thornton, Robinson, & Cousins. There is definitely some talent here but unfortunately it isn't the right mix. They should have another lotto pick incoming and with it being close to home this could be an appealing landing spot for Jennings.

Dallas Mavs: another longshot as they seem to like Collison/Mayo combo and if they can't lure CP3 and/or Dwight away from LA they'll probably re-up those guys. If not, playing with Dirk would at least give Jennings something to ponder.

LA Clippers: this would be 100% dependent on Chris Paul walking away, which seems highly unlikely unless they have a collapse at the end of this year and go home early. If he were to leave this would have to be an appealing landing spot for BJ as it's his hometown as well as one of the most talented teams in the league.

What do you see Jennings making $ wise and where do you see him signing if Milwaukee doesn't match?

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I don't have any evidence,

I don't have any evidence, but I believe the Raptors are going make a huge push for him. I also would like him to land in Canandian soil. Canadian fans need a good team other then Hockey.

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Kyle Lowry is signed through

Kyle Lowry is signed through next season so I think its highly unlikely that they'd try and sign Jennings this offseason.

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I see BJ looking to step into

I see BJ looking to step into a big market program where he can compete for a championship or maybe a team with young talent with promise. BJ needs to b a third option scorer where he could average 10 ast a game and still put up 15pts a game. I do not see him re signing with Milwaukee , i see him leaving and looking to take his talents elsewhere.

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I've Always Thought

I've been thinking since last year that Toronto would be an ideal spot for Jennings. For one, it would keep Derozan happy playing with a childhood friend (both players are from Compton, CA). Two, Jennings would ignite an excitement and swagger back into Raptors basketball, something they have been searching for ever since Vince Carter left. Also, I remember Jennings did tweet out on Twitter that he wouldn't mind the possibility of playing in Toronto (search it up, it'll definitely pop up somewhere). Not many players would openly say they would like to play in Canada, if anything it's a blessing in disguise lol! So that should mean something if Toronto decides to make a push for Jennings.

However, Toronto should be EXTREMELY fortunate that we got Kyle Lowry. He's been balling out and quite frankly, him and Derozan have been the only bright spots of the team so far this season (you can argue Calderon is doing well too, last 4 games or so he's been putting up great numbers). Only thing is I'm not sold on keeping Calderon for the long run as the backup PG, if that is something Colangelo is planning to do.

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There are currently millions of dollars in a new 4 year deal keeping Demar Derozan happy. While Jennings is a very good player, I'm not sure he is an upgrade on Kyle Lowry.

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I would have loved Jennings

I would have loved Jennings LAST YEAR, but now we got Lowry. There is no point at the end of the season when Calderons leaves, to bring in Jennings and then have a point guard controversy all over again.

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Jennings will most likely

Jennings will most likely stay with the Bucks, especially if they make the playoffs. I could see a bad team throw a lot of money at him, but to be honest, I think he's the type of PG that can make a bad team a little better or help out a low seeded playoff team win a few more games.

That being said, he's not the type of guy to put on an a higher seeded playoff team or contender, so I don't think he'll be getting any offers from Dallas or the Clips. His shot selection and low % shooting are usually not what teams looking to win the title want to add to their roster for a large amount of money.

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Milwaukee having question marks?

Milwaukee having question marks all over? They're 6-4 this season, and are leading the central division. They beat Boston, Philly, and Indiana all on the road. They also should have beaten Miami at Miami if not for a few blown calls. Do you follow sports?

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They also have a coach and GM

They also have a coach and GM whonare in the last year of their contracts, an owner who is thinking about selling. There's a reason they didn't even offer Jennings an extension. Him, Ellis, Dunleavy, and Dalembert are all FA's after the season.
I said their organization had question marks, nothing about on-court the post

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