Brandon Costner & Ricky Rubio

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Brandon Costner & Ricky Rubio

I've looked at some various ESPN pages and it is tru since last Tuesday that Brandon Costner is going to enter the draft. Also, Ricky Rubio is most likely to enter also.

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wat has brandon costner done this year? i mean i kno from wacthing him every now and then he somewat of a good role player and starter 4 nc state but does he really have standout talent enough to get drafted. i think he wants 2 jus get outta school and go 2 the d league or sumthin

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I think Costner has a future in the league he is like a poor-man's Michael Beasley. A left handed James Johnson of this years draft, it is true that he didnt have the production this year as he should have, but i mean he doesnt have another NBA caliber player on his team, and relies on other players to get him the ball, unlike Steph Curry or some other players in this draft. As for Rubio he has all of the talent in the world and has a bright future ahead of him, he is very mature and basketball savy for his age, while his jumper is somewhat of a concern it seems very similar to his Spanish international teammates Rudy Fernandez, and with some seasoning he could be as good a shooter as rudy.

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