"Boy, you losin' weight!"

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"Boy, you losin' weight!"

Not only has Kevin Love and Josh Smith displayed their newly fit bodies to start the season, I've noticed there are a handful of ballers that have significantly lost weight over the summer:

Carlos Boozer

DeMarcus Cousins

Al Horford

Roy Hibbert (Lost more weight)

Paul Pierce looked like he lost some weight (You can see it in his facial tone)

Why has these players and countless others decided this was the time to do lose weight? Was it because of the lockout? Or is it deeper than that? America, always famously being known as a morbidly obese nation has taken a progressive step forward as of late by doing something about their weight issues. Perhaps I am overanalyzing this, but what are your thoughts?

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Nothing major. Keep in mind

Nothing major. Keep in mind guys are getting older, which is when the metabolism slows down and the added weight packs on. Do you remember Kobe trimming down couple years back, to his HS playing weight as he stated? Kobe was once in the 230lb range.

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Didn't Roy Hibbert focus on

Didn't Roy Hibbert focus on gaining muscle, though? He admitted that he lost so much weight two offseasons ago that he lost the strength he needed to post adequately.

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Personally, I'm pleasantly

Personally, I'm pleasantly surprised that Cousins has spent the lockout getting into better shape vs pulling a Shawn Kemp. I didn't think he had it in him.

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Perkins lost weight like he's

Perkins lost weight like he's tryna win an Oscar

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I guess charles barkley is a role model now lol

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Casting for Like Mike 5 is

Casting for Like Mike 5 is coming up

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starring...... charlie


charlie murphy

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