Box Score Bits 11-9-12

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Box Score Bits 11-9-12

Box Score Bits 11-9-12
Well today is the opening day for college ball and I for one could not be more excited. As some of you may know from last season, this post is where I would compile stats from the days games, give my thoughts on a particular game I watched, and sometimes throw in some predictions or previews. I will continue to do this as long as people remain interested. Last year, interest went down and towards the end I felt I was wasting my time, but this year I hope it’s different. I will definitely do it until Thanksgiving and if the interest is there my posts will be too. Most of the time I will do a post every couple of days, but this one is just games on 11/9/12. Please give comments/ criticisms/concerns and I hope you like my posts.

Game I Watched: Mich St 62 at* UConn 66
Nothing is better than a surprising upset to start the season, but maybe we should just think of this as UConn is better than we thought. UConn is still going to play and compete with Coach Ollie at the helm even though the NCAA tourney is out reach. UConn’s offense revolves around their two lead guards, Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright. Both men play extremely well together and killed MSU in transition as well as the half court. They can flat out make plays and they are the main reason why UConn won this game. The Huskies received a great effort from their supporting cast, RJ Evans, DeAndre Daniels, and Tyler Olander all looked impressive and confident on the floor. Omar Calhoun did not live up to his lofty expectations but I’m sure he will turn it around. Michigan St lost this game because of turnovers and sloppiness which is very uncharacteristic for a Tom Izzo team. Appling played well at PG and Dawson was an absolute monster. Garry Harris, Denzel Valentine, Derrick Nix, and Travis Trice also had their moments, but this team needs to take care of the ball. Many times Nix would grab a nice offensive board and then bring the ball down to his waist where he would get it knocked away by Napier and Boatright. As long as they tidy up their game, the Spartans will be a solid team in the Big Ten.
One player who really stood out as a prospect was Branden Dawson. Dawson was an animal throughout, seemingly being everywhere on the court and keeping MSU alive with his energy. Countless times he fought on the glass keeping possessions alive and when he got the rock down low it was over. He is an excellent slasher and uses his strength and athleticism to get past or through defenders. An average jump shot seems to be his only weakness, even though his style of play doesn’t have him shoot many from the outside. Dawson is also a very good defender who can guard 3 positions. As much as Dawson is excelling as a 3/4, I think he needs to play the 3 at the next level. At 6’6 he is undersized at the 4, but because of his strength he could definitely give a team spot minutes in the post. I have the sophomore as a mid-first round pick in the 2013 draft which I think will be definitely realistic by the end of the season.

Important Results
Lehigh 77 at Baylor 99
Mich St 62 at* UConn 66
Maryland 69 at* UK 72
South Alabama 76 at Florida St 71
North Texas 51 at Creighton 71
Indiana St 59 at UCLA 86
San Fran 62 at Stanford 74
South Dakota St 67 at Alabama 70
Tennessee St 66 at BYU 81
Montana 65 at Colorado St 72
Denver 58 at Iona 65
Fresno ST 53 at Texas 55
St Peters 56 at Rutgers 52
Bucknell 70 at Purdue 65
Virginia 59 at George Mason 63
Drexel 62 at Kent St 66

Prospect Watch
Now not all of these guys are NBA prospects, but I’m trying to include everybody who is playing good ball and putting up numbers.

Yogi Ferrell, PG Indiana- 10pts, 7ast, 5reb, 2to’s
Cody Zeller, C Indiana- 18pts, 10reb, 2stl, 2blk, 8/10fg
Christian Watford, SF Indiana- 15pts, 15reb, 8/9ft

Isaiah Austin, C Baylor- 22pts, 4reb, 2blk, 10/12fg, 2/4 3pt, 17min
Cory Jefferson, PF Baylor- 26pts, 13reb, 2blk, 12/16fg
Pierre Jackson, PG Baylor- 14pts, 12ast, 4to’s

Rasheed Sulaimon, G Duke- 6pts, 4reb, 4ast, 2/3 3pt
Tyler Thornton, G Duke- 13pts, 4reb, 3ast, 2stl, 3/6 3pt, 4to’s
Seth Curry, G Duke- 15pts, 3/7 3pt
Mason Plumlee, C Duke- 19pts, 14reb, 4blk, 8/12fg

Alex Len, C Maryland- 23pts, 12reb, 4blk, 10/18fg
Dezmine Wells, SF Maryland- 8pts, 4reb, 4ast, 2/12fg

Kyle Wiltjer, F Kentucky- 19pts, 6reb, 3blk, 4/6 3pt
Alex Poythress, F Kentucky- 8pts, 7reb, 3to’s
Willie Cauley-Stein, C Kentucky- 8pts, 6reb, 2ast, 4blk
Archie Goodwin, G Kentucky- 16pts, 2ast, 3to’s, 9/11ft
Jarrod Polson, PG Kentucky- 10pts, 3ast, 0to’s, 4/5fg
Ryan Harrow, PG Kentucky- 0pts, 0/4fg, 2ast
Nerlens Noel, C Kentucky- 4pts, 9reb, 3blk, 2stl

Ben McLemore, SG Kansas- 9pts, 12reb, 5ast, 3blk
Jeff Withey, C Kansas- 17pts, 12blk, 5blk
Elijiah Johnson, PG Kansas- 4pts, 3reb, 1ast, 5fouls
Perry Ellis, PF Kansas- 15pts, 8reb

Mitch McGary, F/C Michigan- 9pts, 9reb, 4/8fg
Trey Burke, PG Michigan- 21pts, 8ast, 5to’s
Tim Hardaway, SG Michigan- 25pts, 10reb
Glenn Robinson, SF Michigan- 10pts, 8reb, 5/7fg

Rodney Purvis, G NCST- 16pts, 3/5 3pt
CJ Leslie, F NCST- 11pts, 8reb, 3blk, 2stl, 4/5fg
Richard Howell, PF NCST- 16pts, 10reb, 2blk, 2stl
Lorenzo Brown, PG NCST- 15pts, 7ast, 6reb, 5to’s

James McAdoo, PF UNC- 26pts, 14reb, 10/20fg
Dexter Strickland, G UNC- 13pts, 3ast, 3stl
PJ Hariston, SG UNC- 2pts, 3to’s, 1/6fg, 0/5 3pt
Reggie Bullock, G/F UNC- 5pts, 9reb, 3ast, 3stl
Marcus Paige, PG UNC- 6pts, 3reb, 4to’s, 0ast

DeAndre Daniels, F UConn- 12pts, 8reb, 3blk, 5to’s, 4/8fg
Shabazz Napier, PG UConn- 25pts, 2ast, 2blk
Ryan Boatright, PG UConn- 13pts, 4reb, 4ast, 5stl

Gary Harris, SG Michigan St- 11pts, 1/7 3pt
Branden Dawson, SF Michigan St- 15pts, 10reb, 5stl, 7/17fg
Keith Appling, PG Michigan St- 17pts, 4ast, 3reb

Kenny Kadiji, F Miami- 12pts, 12reb, 5ast, 3to’s, 2/5 3pt, 5/10fg
Reggie Johnson, C Miami- 22pts, 11reb, 6/16fg
Shane Larkin, PG Miami- 13pts, 6ast, 5/7fg

Andre Roberson, F Colorado- 7pts, 6reb, 3stl, 2blk
Spencer Dinwiddie, G Colorado- 13pts, 4ast, 5reb
Josh Scott, C Colorado- 14pts, 6reb, 10/11ft

Julian Boyd, F LIU- 19pts, 5reb, 5to’s
Jason Brickman, PG LIU- 12pts, 8ast, 6to’s, 4reb, 2stl
Jason Olasawere, F LIU- 26pts, 7reb, 4stl, 14/19ft

Ray McCallum, PG Detroit- 22pts, 5reb, 6ast, 2stl, 2blk, 9/13fg
Doug Anderson, F Detroit- 25pts, 9reb, 5stl, 11/20fg

Brandon Mobely, PF Seton Hall- 10pts, 10reb, 3/4fg
Fuquan Edwin, G/F Seton Hall- 16pts, 4reb, 4ast, 4/6 3pt

Michael Snaer, SG Florida St- 10pts, 2/11fg, 7reb, 5to’s, 0/6 3pt
Terrence Shannon, PF Florida St- 10pts, 9reb, 4/6fg
Ian Miller, PG Florida St- 8pts, 4ast, 3reb, 2/7fg

David Wear, PF UCLA- 13pts, 10reb, 5/13fg
Travis Wear, PF UCLA- 17pts, 7reb, 5to’s, 6/11fg
Jordan Adams, SF UCLA- 21pts, 7reb, 7/12fg
Kyle Anderson, SF UCLA- 10pts, 10reb, 4ast, 3to’s

Briante Weber, G VCU- 13pts, 10stl
Treveon Graham, SG VCU- 15pts, 7reb, 3ast
Juvontae Reddic, PF VCU- 10pts, 9reb, 2stl

Kerron Johnson, SG Belmont- 22pts, 7ast, 6to’s, 11/13fts
Ian Clark, G Belmont- 19pts, 3reb, 5/12 3pt

Tray Woodall, PG Pitt- 14pts, 6ast, 3reb, 3to’s
Steven Adams, C Pitt- 8pts, 8reb, 4blk
Talib Zanna, PF Pitt- 20pts, 2reb, 10/12fg

TaShawn Thomas, F Houston- 11pts, 20reb, 5blk, 2ast, 4to’s, 4/9fg
Leon Gibson, PF Houston- 20pts, 10reb, 8/9fg, 4/4ft

Bilal Dixon, C Towson- 15pts, 10reb, 7/12fg
Jerrelle Benimon, F Towson- 23pts, 5reb, 5to’s

Brad Redford, SG Xavier- 19pts, 6/7 3pt
Travis Taylor, PF Xavier- 20pts, 12reb, 3ast, 7/9fg
Dee Davis, PG Xavier- 22pts, 15ast, 4reb, 5/7 3pt

Daniel Miller, C Georgia Tech- 10pts, 10reb, 6ast, 3blk
Kammeon Hosley, F Georgia Tech- 18pts, 7reb, 7/9 fg
Robert Carter, PF Georgia Tech- 9pts, 7reb, 2blk

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG Georgia- 17pts, 6reb, 5stl, 10/12ft
Nemanja Djurisic, PF Georgia- 14pts, 12reb, 4to’s

Jake Cohen, PF Davidson- 13pts, 8reb, 6blk
De’Mon Brooks, SG Davidson- 24pts, 4reb, 2/2 3pt

Georges Niang, PF Iowa St- 15pts, 12reb, 2/2 3pt
Percy Gibson, C Iowa St- 17pts, 10reb, 3blk
Will Clyburn, SF Iowa St- 16pts, 10reb, 2/4 3pt

Przemek Karnowski, C Gonzaga- 22pts, 3reb, 10/16fg
Guy Landri Edi, SF Gonzaga- 16pts, 7reb

Trevor Mbakwe, PF Minnesota- 4pts, 3reb, 2stl, 2blk, 14min
Rodney Williams, SF Minnesota- 16pts, 5reb, 7/10fg
Austin Hollins, SG Minnesota- 20pts, 5reb, 5stl

Sheldon McClennan, SG Texas- 20pts, 14/14ft
Javan Felix, PG Texas- 10pts, 9ast, 3to’s

Eric Moreland, PF Oregon St- 14pts, 13reb, 5blk, 7/7fg
Devon Collier, F Oregon St- 14pts, 7reb, 6ast, 4/7fg
Roberto Nelson, G Oregon St- 22pts, 3ast, 5/8 3pt

Brandon Davies, PF BYU- 16pts, 7reb, 3ast, 4blk, 2stl, 5to’s, 7/9fg
Tyler Haws, SG BYU- 22pts, 4reb, 8/9ft
Matt Carlino, PG BYU- 9pts, 10ast, 5reb

Ed Daniel, PF Murray St- 15pts, 9reb, 3ast, 2stl, 2blk,
Isaiah Canaan, PG Murray St- 11pts, 5reb, 3ast

Colton Iverson, C Colorado St- 18pts, 8reb, 5/8fg
Daniel Bejarano, SG Colorado St- 12pts, 6reb, 2ast

Duke Mondy, PG Oakland- 7pts, 9ast, 3stl
Travis Bader, SG Oakland- 27pts, 7reb, 6/10 3pt

Rob Chubb, C Auburn- 10pts, 15reb, 2blk
Frankie Sullivan, SG Auburn- 26pts, 4reb, 11/20fg

Marcus Smart, PG Oklahoma St- 8pts, 7reb, 7ast, 2tl, 1/6fg
LeBryan Nash, SF Oklahoma St- 16pts, 7reb, 4ast, 2stl

Dwight Powell, PF Stanford- 27pts, 7eb, 9/14fg
Josh Huestis, PF Stanford- 11pts, 9reb, 3/3 3pt

Jarnell Stokes, PF Tennessee- 10pts, 5reb, 5ast, 5stl, 3blk, 5/7fg
Tim Frazier, PG Penn St- 23pts, 6ast, 4reb, 17/18ft
CJ Harris, SG Wake Forest- 19pts, 3ast, 5to’s, 11/14ft
Joe Harris, PG UVA- 15pts, 8reb, 3ast, 4/7 3pt
Wally Judge, PF Rutgers- 11pts, 12reb, 2ast, 5fouls
Brandon Paul, SG Illinois- 20pts, 8reb, 5ast, 2stl
Murphy Holloway, PF Ole Miss- 15pts, 11reb, 2ast, 6/10fg
Brandon Young, PG DePaul- 20pts, 5ast, 2stl, ¾ 3pt
Omar Oraby, C USC- 16pts, 6reb, 3blk, 5/6fg, 6/6ft, 14min
Doug McDermott, SF Creighton- 21pts, 11reb, 8/8ft
Tony Mitchell, SF UNT- 18pts, 7reb, 2stl, 2blk, 2/5 3pt
CJ McCollum, SG Lehigh- 36pts, 8reb, 2ast, 3stl, 14/32fg
Nate Wolters, PG South Dak St- 30pts, 3ast, 5/6 3pt

Nurideen Lindsey, PG Rider- 26pts, 5ast, 4reb, 9to’s, 10/15fg, 2/4 3pt
Antoine Allen, G South Alabama- 21pts, 4/5 3pt
DeAndre Kane, G Marshall- 18pts, 8ast, 4ast, 3blk
Andrew Lawrence, PG CofC- 16pts, 7reb, 5ast, 2stl, 4to’s
OD Anosieke, PF Siena- 10pts, 17reb, 4stl, 3blk, 4to’s, 2/11ft
Chris Udofia, F Denver- 20pts, 6reb, 5ast, 2blk, 6to’s
MoMo Jones, PG Iona- 20pts, 7ast, 5to’s, ¾ 3pt
Mike Muscala, C Bucknell- 14pts, 10reb, 4to’s
Josh Davis, F Tulane- 27pts, 4reb, 12/15fg
John Brown, F High Point- 28pts, 8reb, 5stl, 3blk
Chris Fouch, SG Drexel- 24pts, 5reb, 6/12 3pt
Jeremy Atkinson, F Asheville- 24pts, 11reb, 3stl, 8/8ft
Brandon Goode, C Norfolk- 13pts, 13reb
Nikola Malesevic, SF URI- 26pts, 9reb, ¾ 3pt
Anthony Raffa, SG Coastal Carolina- 27pts, 8reb, 4/9 3pt
Zeke Marshall, C Akron- 15pts, 10reb, 3blk, 9/11ft
Jackson Steventt, SF Southern Utah- 29pts, 6reb, 11/15ft
Dwayne Evans, SF St Louis- 21pts, 8reb, 8/12fg
Chris Gaston, PF Fordham- 19pts, 14reb, 3stl, 7to’s, 9/20fg
Juan’ya Green, PG Niagara- 14pts, 9ast, 4stl
Christian Standhardinger, SF Hawaii- 27pts, 7reb, 10/15fg
Cole Dickerson, PF San Fran- 11pts, 19reb

Good Games for Saturday and Sunday
Sat 11/10/12
Evansville at Notre Dame
Delaware at LaSalle

Sun 11/11/12
Manhattan at Louisville
Syracuse at SDSU
Marshall at Nova
Loyola MD at Washington

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Good stuff man I thought I

Good stuff man I thought I looked through every box score twice last night and I noticed 2 major prospects that I completed missed out on who were Jarnell Stokes and Mitch McGary that you put in your post.

Mitch McGary certainly needs seasoning and hopefully stays for atleast his sophomore year but with his size he should be able to become a Kris Humphries type rebounding hustle machine.

I really like Jarnell Stokes, there is just something about his game where he belongs. I think he'll be highly slept on whenever he enters the draft because of his size, but he'll def make a contribution at the next level. Stokes reminds me of guys like Jared Dudley and Tobias Harris, big thick guys that just know how to play.

I love NC State's team this year. CJ Leslie might be my favorite players in college basketball.

You should find a better format at breaking down the box scores maybe make it more prospect oriented. Like there are a ton of big guys in college ball right now and maybe you should list all of their stats in a row. Like put Cody Zeller, Noels, McGary, Steve Adams, Alex Len, and so on in the same row for easy contrast of stats.

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Isaiah Austin 22 points and 2

Isaiah Austin 22 points and 2 threes in 17 minutes sounds good. And Mcadoo, man he's a beast.

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Thanks man, ESPN was slack

Thanks man, ESPN was slack last night as it took forever for them to put the stats of most games

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Aaron Craft had 20pts and 7 assists (only 1 TO) 5/7 3's

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