Bosh next destination

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Bosh next destination

I read in an article that Chris Bosh doesn't want be the second option to any other ALL-Star player in the NBA. I thought about it and I think a deal can be done with the New Jersey Nets.

Toronto would sign and trade Bosh and Calderon to New Jersey for Derrick Favors, Josh Boon, CDR and the 27th or 31st pick.

With this trade New jersey get the star that they need to build the team around and Calderon as their primary point guard. Harris would return to the SG position that he use to play in Dallas were he was more effective.

NJ Lineup:

Lee / Yi

The Raptors get a future ALL Star forward in Favors, CDR a proven scorer at SF, Josh Boone an good young Center and with one off the last pick they get a guy like Warren or White to play the point.

TOR Lineup:

Orton or Udoh (13th pick) / Boone
Favors / Bargs
CDR / Weems
Derozan / Bellineli
Warren or White (27th or 31st piick) / Jack

Is it a good deal for both teams ?

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I don't see him teaming up

I don't see him teaming up with any of the other 2003 draftees in light of this statement. Honestly, I'm disappointed that his ego will probably prevent him being successful from a team standpoint. He proved clearly that he is unable to carry a team to the playoffs, I wouldn't call him worthy of being a centre-piece.

However, the best place I can realistically see him going in terms of his ego and a chance at success is now Chicago. Yes there is another All-Star in Derrick Rose, but he is far younger and less accomplished so shouldn't be a threat to Bosh. Given that Rose's job will be to get Bosh involved in the game as a PG the match should work out. Rose really needs a scoring big man and Bosh could be that go-to guy on offense. Let's just hope he doesn't bolt for the Knicks simply because they have a hole at PF after D. Lee bails and no first options on offense. It could work out reasonably well with Chandler, Gallinari and Bosh at the 2, 3 and 4 respectively but I don't see that core winning any championships.

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