Boogie Down

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Boogie Down

Demarcus Cousins had to miss the end of a Team USA practice after getting tangled with AD going for a loose ball and hurting his knee. MRI upcoming.

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Damn, anyone see the incident? Is it precautionary or is he looking in serious trouble?

We all love boogie right?

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Honestly I never cared that

Honestly I never cared that much for Boogie until I found out how much he cared to make team USA, for some reason I became the biggest Boogie fan around after that.

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He has started to grow on me

He has started to grow on me the last 2 years since he has started to mature and he seems like a decent human being and after a few articles on him and hearing his interview with bill simmons. I know he got a bunch of techs still last year, but seems to have matured and he is a very skilled player for being that big. I think being on this team will be great for him much like it was for Melo in 2008. In that he will have an opportunity to learn and be around good guys and hopefully take that back to sacramento with him since that franchise has been a mess since he got there.

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I'm sure he's fine. He was

I'm sure he's fine. He was seen walking around after icing it and though he may be ginger, many believe it's nothing serious. It's most likely a sprained knee.

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Good to hear it's not too

Good to hear it's not too serious. Hate to see that kind of stuff happen, especially in this sort of setting

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I wonder if this makes it more likely that Plumlee will make the team. At least there is a good chance that Plumlee will get lots of run against Brazil on Saturday. I will have to watch that game.

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