Bold Trades and FA signings

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Bold Trades and FA signings

Carmelo Anthony- Would love to see him out west again. Either Pairing up with James Harden in Mike D'Antonis offense or In Portland with Lillard, McCollum and Nurkic. Either team should see improvements with Mello

Paul Millsap to Okc. I like his fit next to Westbrook more than BG. Making both Enes Kanter and Olidipo expandable for a new Wing better suited to play alongside Westbrook.

CP3 and BG to Miami. Along with Whiteside instead of DJ and it's the LA clippers all over again this time in a Weaker eastern Conference. Just stay healthy and add a couple shooters. You matchup very well with the Cavs. And hold on. There's even room for a LeBron return the following year.

Kyle Lowry- Spurs 1B for the spurs. We all know they rather have CP3. But you get the next best thing w/o hopefully Gutting the roster completely bare compared to CP3. Still a Upgrade and under Popovich with a Healthy Leonard next season. And they will challenge GS to at least 5. ^_^

What are some Low key but Potential match made in heaven Fa signings and trades u can think of???

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